We want happy pilots! – We urge you to use the support tickets for contact

We love hearing from you, but being stuck in a build or waiting for stuff or answers is never fun. For that reason we introduced the Support ticket system recently. The system makes sure that questions are filtered so they can be answered the fastest way possible – sometimes the answers can even be found within the FAQ it self to provide an instant answer that lets you continue your build or not having to wait for an answer, or your questions can be added to the FAQ for others to benefit from.

We have implemented this system as David’s inbox was overflowing and e-mails were being overlooked. Having Davids inbox as a single point of contract has turned out to be somewhat of a bottleneck resulting in unnecessary delays, you not getting any response, and claims regarding faulty/broken products, missing items etc to be made void. The support ticket system makes it easier for me to share the load of answering certain questions with David (so that he can focus on his areas of expertise), and to get a better overview of what has been done/said in each issue. This is especially important now that David is away. Please use the support ticket system, we want happy pilots 🙂


2 thoughts on “We want happy pilots! – We urge you to use the support tickets for contact

  1. Great to see the site succeed and grow. Been watching from the outset, and David’s amazing contributions to the R/C community and his constant development of the Tri-Copter will surely gain him a well deserved spot in the R/C Hall of Fame. Keep up the great work David.

  2. Unknown to most, half of RCExplorer is actually Davids lovely wife Johanna Windstål, who expertly manages to keep herself out of the limelight, but runs the business together with David more than fulltime 🙂

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