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  1. Wow, David, that’s awesome! Can’t wait to see more. What’s the planned release date?
    Also, will it have an option to mount a GoPro or another similar-sized HD camera?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Been staring at the picture for a little while to see what I could analyze out of it. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I see strap holes on the top plate, in front of the Triumph based on the perspective. It could be my imagination, but I *think* I can just barely see the cutout where you’d slide the strap for a GoPro just behind the Runcam (or HS1177 or whatever that FPV cam is). Based on the position of the Triumph, RX antennae, and the way the XT60 is sitting out in the back, my guess is the battery goes underneath rather than on top. Make sense on a tricopter since you’ve got that tail rotor and servo robbing a lot of the length up top.

      What I’m really interested to see is the tail mechanism and what he’s got going on for a flight controller. Obviously it’s not the integrated F3FC frame itself, but it actually looks like there’s a circuit board mounted directly to the carbon fiber, with the battery pigtail mounted to something above it (so, integrated FC with PDB above perhaps?). The tail looks elevated similarly to the current setup. If the tail is a flat plate like the front arms appear to be, you could conceivably use a second top tilt piece (the round part that bolts to the motor) or a similar part and bolt that to the beaver tail. That way you wouldn’t have to use zip ties, and could maybe even lay the servo flat on the tail.

      OK, this is too much fun, I have to stop and just wait until I see it at the end of the week…

      • @swissfreek You have an amazing eye! I’m not sure why David wouldn’t use the F3FC on this one; perhaps the whole tricopter could be configured like the Blackout Mini H-Quad, where the arms are located between a bottom plate and a PDB. Perhaps it’s a durability issue?

        I’m not sure, but it looks like the arms are part of a “unibody” design, where they are all joined together. I’m guessing that the wires right behind the XT60 are the back motor wires, which gives a good indication of how far up the back motor is elevated.

        I want to get one ASAP! And based on what you said about seeing one in a week, I think you’re coming to Flite Fest, right?


        • Yup, I leave Thursday morning. Very excited to meet everyone.

          I think it’s too small to have the F3FC in there. In it’s current form factor, I mean. No doubt he could easily design a 36×36 board that I think based on that picture is bonded to the carbon plate. I agree with you, I would guess the main plate with the arms is all one piece.

  2. This is torture. Wow It looks amazing. @david can you randomly post a picture in a forum of the new tricopter and then we all have to find it. I need something to do. Lol 🙂

  3. Soon….yeah…soon (thanks to you and your awesome designs) I will be a homless guy without money but finally with a true tri-racer 😉 seems like a fair deal 🙂 I just kinda want to tickle you till you barf and tell me all your secrets.

  4. Well, judging from the size of the RS2205 motors and props in relation to the size of the frame, I would say… Is it cheating if you already know the specs?!? 😉
    Just want to say: Can’t wait for the optimized Triflight firmware to go with it! Should work excellent with a MPU6000 based FC 😀

      • No, it features the RCExplorer trusted and unbreakable tilt mechanism, with the new low profile RS2205 motors there really is no benefit to the impossible tilt!

        I can barely hold my tongue, it is so AWESOME! 🙂

        • Since I have RS2205 motors and know how low-profile they are, I can’t get over how low-profile that frame looks in the picture. Still can’t wait to see the tail and how the flight controller is mounted. Just a few more days…

  5. This is clearly a Racer. We soon might computer aided flight controls if the Tri gets lighter and speeds gets higher. The human reflexes can’t keep up anymore. Hmmm SKYNET? Maybe David is “Miles Dyson”… haha. Nice design but i’m in love withe the F3FC Mini design.

  6. Nice!!! Guessing form the RS2205 dimensions this would be a sweet 180 frame. Batt inside would be nice but I doubt that a reasonable battery fits in this low-profile cage given how crowded frames of this size get with just Rx / vTX / controller… Would be nice though as I find the chunky “lipo backpacks” on top of the usual miniquads not exactly pretty 😉

    Did I already say that I want one??

    • I agree, I hate the “battery pack on the top” look, and based on the photo I don’t think there’s room up there with the antenna and tail motor and whatnot, so my guess would be pack on the bottom, which is pretty common with the pure-X frames and the really small quads. I think it looks a lot better, too. Just can’t get too crazy with your landing.

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