Feedback servos and 325mm arms back in stock!

Yay! The BMS-210DMH feedback servos are back in stock along with the 10x10mm 325mm Carbon fiber arms. Finally we’re back to our regular scheduled programming.

BlueBird BMS 210 Feedback

In other news a new FPV video from the Ukraine trip is in the works. Hope to have that up soon.

Looks like I’ve lost most of the Ukraine footage. Tried recreating files from drives and such but it’s gone. First time loosing valuable footage. Really tough lesson in data management.

14 thoughts on “Feedback servos and 325mm arms back in stock!

  1. Jippie! Tack David. 🙂

    Looking forward to the footage from Ukraine. Wish you had time to make more FPV videos. Are you going to be producing any videos featuring the Baby Tricopter? How about a video that compares its flight characteristics to those of a miniquad? Thanks again!!!

  2. Hey David. What are you’re thoughts on the new drone-laws in Sweden? And do you think the EMax RS2205 2600 kv motors are better for the BabyTri than the EMax RS2205 2300 kv?

    • They definitely won’t be as efficient… the Baby already has a 7:1 power to weight ratio with the 2300kv motors; do you want even more power?! You sound like David in the Flite Test Rocket Plane episode 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear that the footage is gone… have you tried using any kind of file recovery software like PhotoRec? I used it once when I had a corrupted file after a crash (camera was submerged in water during recording). Do you ever use the DVR function in your Dominator HDs? And what caused the files to become corrupted (please don’t tell me you destroyed ANOTHER GoPro!)?

    • I have had this happen to me too! I hope you still have some left to remember the amazing experience David! I look forward to every video you come out with! Im also hoping for some more content on the babytri, as i am hoping to get my hands on one!

    • I have the same question. I guess the file just got corrupted. But, on the bright side, it means that David has to go to Chernobyl AGAIN to get some more footage! 🙂

    • Backed up the footage at the end of each day to an external hard drive and kept the really important footage on SD cards I could spare.
      Got back to Sweden and copied over all the footage to my raid redundant dual backuped server. Didn’t have time to do much with the footage at the time. I’m 100% sure I saw all the footage, but in retrospect I must have become distracted while copying all the footage over and the last folder wasn’t copied.

      Time passed and after about 2 months I helped out my cousin by being their wedding photographer. I brought all the SD cards I had with me to be sure I was well prepared. In the heat of the moment I grabbed one of the cards with the footage from Pripyat, formated it and filled the entire card with pictures. No worries as I had the footage in 2 places I thought.

      A couple of weeks prior to the wedding we got a TV box installed (haven’t had TV in 7 years so it was kind of an occasion). You can connect an external hard drive to it and record shows and do time shift and stuff so I grabbed what I though was my empty 1tb drive. The box formatted it with and we used it. Time shift continuously records so that you can pause, rewind and fast forward when you feel like it. Pretty cool feature, but it constantly writes over the drive over and over again.

      Sat down to edit the footage and couldn’t find the folder with the best footage. A little panicked I looked for the external drive. Found it after a while, but it wasn’t were it was supposed to be. Strange. Popped it in and it was blank. – *#&€€”#!/ must have used the wrong drive for the TV. Well poop. Looked through all the SD cards and nope. That exact SD card with that footage was the only one from the trip that was written over. So yeah. Even if you think you have the footage on a 5 drive redundant system backed up to the cloud and have it in two additional places you can still cock up and loose stuff…

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