Discontinuing some products (sale prices)

We’ll be discontinuing a few older products soon, as we’ve got the newer versions to take their place, and interest in the old versions is diminishing. They are now on sale, prices have been halved (but with the Winter Holidays sale coupon, you can get them for even less right now!) Products that will be discontinued are:

*G10 Camera tray

*Landing gear: Small version

*The old Power Distribution Tricopter Board (with and without BEC)

*Spare BEC components


9 thoughts on “Discontinuing some products (sale prices)

  1. Got any other older items? If you have a set of the old DYS BE2208 1800kV motors with the RCExplorer logo I’d be very interested in buying them!

    Thanks David. Happy Holidays!

    • Is there anything specific you prefer about the old landing gear? I personally hated the look of the new version before seeing it in real life 🙂
      On video the tall design made the tricopter look kind of short and stubby, but in real life it’s almost indistinguishable (especially when flying high or flying FPV). 🙂
      I now understand the reasons behind changing the design and totally agree with David’s choice to replace the old one. Having four zip-ties is better as you now don’t lose the landing gear nearly as often, and the taller design provides better clearance.

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