8 thoughts on “Help me design turrets!

  1. As soon as you said “I need ideas for turrets”, I started thinking gas fired ball bearings from a micro grooved barrel (not as much machine work as regular rifling) & was just pondering rate of fire e.t.c when the fireworks were pulled out, & although a cool collection that would make me a criminal to posses here in Oz & would make me a rather envious at any other time, I did kinda sigh….
    Maybe the 4WD could be a fast missile carrier & the tank can have some REAL firepower this time- after all, we’ve already seen what you can do to aircraft when you add butane…..
    Hmmmm….Butane mini-cannon….. 😀

    Anyhow, thanks for everything David & looking forward to seeing the results 😉

      • More fire (i.e. a flame thrower) would work too, I was just thinking a bit more liiiiittle efficiently though… (lol)
        A gas/butane mini-cannon would save on reloading complications as there’s no empty case to extract & power can be varied by the amount of gas released via a solenoid into the system, would just need a wedged rising block at back to poke another projectile in with a flat-spring in chamber to keep projectile at required distance from rear of breach…
        The wedge shaped rising block (similar to those used in artillery) would bear all the force so a small servo could be used to lift it as there would be no strain on it & then some kind of poker to push the next projectile into position, gravity could be used to get it to that point (something like a paintball ‘magazine, but filled with fishing sinkers or bearings instead)

        As for style, I haven’t seen anyone mention Steam Punk yet…. 😀 😉

  2. I would say that if you went go for a scale look go with something like the turret of a Tiger or something and if not, have as many fireworks on that thing as possible. The deadlier the better 😉 Also something that would be awesome is if you included something like an Apache helicopter or a tricopter for that matter*wink wink* as air support for the good guy with lots of explosives and stuff and have it shot down so that way it’s very climactic. You know a lot about story structure, said it yourself! Make sure you have a jucy storyline just like v1! Very exited for the video! I hope you appreciate my critique and suggestions. On behalf of Merica I wish you good luck on your firework tank ordeal! Take care! 😀

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