Lets show our appreciation for the creator of Triflight!

The Finnish mastermind Lauka has spent hundreds of hours since 2015 developing, testing and improving a special firmware for Tricopters. Very few firmwares out there that are optimized for servo control especially for the immensely complex task of yaw control. The symptoms of “normal” firmwares were that it felt like you were fighting a wet eel instead of having a locked in heading, the feeling got stronger the smaller the size of the craft and it was quite the experience trying to do acrobatics or even just flying in a straight line.

Lauka identified the underlying problems and set out to fix them. 28 releases later, we now have phenomenal performance! And the work continues to make it even better.

Lets take a moment to thank Lauka for his incredible work and his contribution to the tricopter family.

If you want to support Lauka in his efforts please consider making a contribution on his Patreon site or via paypal.

To follow along in  the latest developments and helping out with testing, join the discussion on the rcexplorer forum. The next step in the Triflight development is full yaw performance even at 0 throttle!

Also we should thank Bengt-M and leothehuman for helping with the firmware development. Thanks guys!

8 thoughts on “Lets show our appreciation for the creator of Triflight!

  1. Thx to all who helped to get the RCExplorer Tricopters to where they are now. I really enjoy mine.

    If you are able to do something about the “uncontrolled tumbling” once decreasing throttle rapidly midflight, that would be the best :-). Looking forward to testing new releases.

  2. I’m not actually using Triflight but I plan on doing so given all the positive response I’ve seen. In my experience the follow through on programming has been limited so it is great to see your dedication.

  3. A youtube to Lauka? would be nice to see how and thoughts in tuning. Stock all is amazing but now I’m running a bit higher kv and fc so see how to would be awesome.

    Got an HW F4sd, Dys 32bit dshot1200, Hw 2405/2850kv on 4s up running today. Some minor issues but th tune is not ok at the moment so “How To Tune A Tricopter” would be sweet

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