New ESC – Aikon AK32, 35A, 6S, 32 bit

Time for an upgrade of ESC’s! The Aikon AK32 will now ship with all electronic packages and will be replacing the Aikon SEMF 30A ESC’s in the store.

Aikon AK32 35A 6S ESC

A bleeding edge ESC running a 32 bit ST32F0 processor. Finally a ESC that uses hardware PWM control for a higher throttle resolution, smoother response and higher RPM ability. Features auto timing for higher efficiency and reliability, PWM frequency up to 48KHz, Voltage/Current limiting and ESC telemetry. It also has automatic detects if you’re running D-shot, OneShot, pwm or Multishot protocols.


Rated for 2S-6S
35A continuous, 45A burst
dimensions 30x18mm

Link to the Aikon AK32 ESC product page

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