6 thoughts on “Fantastic up to date Build / Setup / Review video from Andy RC

  1. Great to have this update. It addresses a problem I’m facing where I had to replace an ESC which ended up being a 32-bit one, which I can’t configure using the pass-through method as triflight 0.7 beta 2 is not based on BF 3.2 or later.

    Question remaining for me if it will work to have a mix of Little Bees and Aikon 32 ESCs, all set to multishot? I would read the ESC parameters of the Little Bees using triflight pass-through, then load BF firmware on the FC, set the 32-bit ESC to the same parameters and set the rotation direction needed, then load the triflight firmware again.

    Any thoughts, David?

    • “Would like to see another video dedicated towards Tuning”

      Very much so…..
      But MORE so, I would like to see a review of CleanTriflight v’s Beta Triflight v’s dRonin Triflight…….


      Which one SHOULD we go for, & how long until iNav catches up, does anyone know???

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