Multiplex Blizzard

multiplex blizzard box

No wasted space in this box.

Everything that comes in the box.

8.5(!) meters of glass fiber that will be glued on to the model.

Here we go! I used my Dremel with a cutting disc to cut the glass fiber.

This build requires a lot of glue. Have a cloth near by to wipe of excess glue.

Both sides done.

I will be using two servos in the V-tail to be able to have both rudder and elevator control. This Elapor is dense and surprisingly hard to cut thru.

Glass fiber on the inside of the canopy latches.

Soldering the wing servo connector.

Glued into the wing retainer plate.

Glued the retainer plate to the fuselage.

2.4Ghz receiver in place.

Tail servos glued in place.

I didn’t want to cut the leads on my “expensive” servos, so I used some extensions.

All cables hooked up to the receiver and the two fuselage pieces glued together.

Outside view.

Motor bulkhead glued on.

rear fuselage fairing in place.

V-tail panels inside glass fiber and control horns in place.

V-tail in place.

Glass fiber reinforcements on the bottom of the V-tail.

More reinforcements along the whole bottom of the fuselage.

And one along the whole top.

Wing halves glued together.

Glass fiber along the top of the wing.

and on along the whole bottom as well.

First carbon fiber square tube in place.

And the second one.

Glass fiber fish bones.

That was a lot of gluing!

Wing centre section doubler glued on.

Soldering on some longer wires.


Connector glued in place.

HTX900 fits good enough.

The wires on the 3s2200 made the battery not fit properly in the fuselage so I re-soldered them.


Motor and spinner with blades.

I soldered the connectors right to the speed controller.

Motor in place.

Spinner screwed on. I used folded newspaper in between the spinner and the motor bulkhead to get just the right amount of clearing.

ESC in place.


Very visible.

Maiden time!

Up, up and away!

Power setup:
Turnigy 35-42C 1100kv Brushless Outrunner
40 mm spinner with air intake swinging 11*8 blades.
SuperSimple 40A ESC
3s OEM 25-35C 2200mAh LiPo
2 x HS65HB
2 x HTX900

One thought on “Multiplex Blizzard

  1. I liked the build, but was blown away by the video. Did not expect it to have such high performance. Also never thought a foam model could pull such high-g turns. Really is a cheap hotliner.

    Thanks, hope to see more glider related stuff in the future. Keep up the good work.

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