Multiplex Twin Star II

Brushless Twin Star

Everything that comes in the box.

Shortened one of the snakes.

Snakes glued in.

Wing retainer screw plates.

Glued in place. Be sure not to use to much glue when gluing these.

Canopy latches.

I chose to extend the battery compartment by cutting away this part.

Servo with cable glued in place.

I’m going to use this airplane as my FPV platform so I went ahead and mounted the GPS inside of the body.

I’m going to mount the receiver in this compartment and I want to be able to access it easily, so I made a hatch.

The fuselage halves glued together.

Tail glued on.

Time to start working on the wings. First cut away the “stub wings”.

Since I’m going to use a brushless setup I’ll need to do some modifications. The motors had a bigger diameter so I turned the motor mount around and sanded the inside. I also had to shorten the mount a little.

I soldered the motor directly to the ESC.

Motor mount glued in place.

I used a little glue to hold the cables in place.

Wing done!

This thing is massive!


Time for a maiden flight.



Power setup:
2 x TP2409-12D 1600kV motors
2 x 8*4DD GWS props
2 x 30A SuperSimple ESC’s modified
4 x HXT900

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