The DeltaD

This is the first ever airplane that I have completely designed by myself. I have no Idea if it’s going to fly, but I hope so. It is designed around the power setup from the old AitT flying wing and will have the KFM4 airfoil. I have only used stuff that I had lying around at home already, so this is a budget project.

Wingspan: 50 cm
Length: 50 cm
All up weight: 312 g

Power setup:
Motor: Fiago 20*40 ~3223kv
ESC: 25A HiModel ESC
Battery: 2s 1000mAh Li-po
Servos: Multiplex 9g servos
Prop: 4,75*4,75 Prop

Two 6mm Depron base cut out.

Glued the two halves together.

3mm KF airfoil number 4 step cut out.

Glued on.

Motor mount and bottom KF step glued.

Fuselage done and dry fitted.

Middle vertical stabilizer glued on.

Winglets glued.


Fuselage glued on.

A simple hatch.

Servos, pushrods and control horns in place.

I think it looks pretty good.

I just have mount the motor and it’s done.

Here is the maiden flight:

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