The EZ-Stick

The weather has been awful here in Sweden for what feels like for ever. So I thought I would build something, and it came to me! An Easystar Slow-Stick’is type of thingi.
Thus the project EZ-Stick was born.

A loose tail.

The stick is a 20*10 mm piece of wood I had laying around.

I made a mounting plate that is easily adjusted out of aluminum. The motor is a Turnigy 35-30C 1100kV.

2 mm piano wire has to do for the landing gear.

Mount for the wing made out of balsa pieces.

HXT900’s servos.

The old pushrods brought back to life.

30A ESC and A123 battery in place.

10*7SF APC Prop.

Here is the maiden flight and the maiden crash:

Only the prop was broken in the crash.

On the first episode of my youtube-show I mount a bomb drop device to the EZ-Stick

To make your own simply follow these instructions:

First off you need a transmitter with a channel to spare, preferably a channel that is assigned to a switch rather then a stick.

  • Take a piece of depron.
  • Make an indentation in the middle to prevent rounded objects from slipping.
  • Fix the servo using double-sided tape or hot-glue
  • Cut two slots in the other end and fit the rubber band.
  • You’re done!

When mounting the bomb drop device on an airplane be sure to mount it as close to the center of gravity as possible! Otherwise you could lose the control of your airplane after you have dropped the cargo.

Here it is in action:


2 thoughts on “The EZ-Stick

  1. Dear David.

    I just jumped in this hobby, always fascinated by airplanes. One thing I can not figure out is that how do you supply the RX module on the plane? If I use 2S LiPo (or even 4S) can I use the balancer wires for power supply (from one of 2S battery), since the RX and the servos uses 6 Volts but the 2S is 7,4V? What is the best solution you recommend? Although living in Mo i Rana (Norway) would not be problem for some extra weight, since it is quite windy here. I can not see the reason to carry 2 batteries.

    Many-many thanks

    Ps. Really BIG fan of you, admire your work.

  2. @Szilard
    Many esc’s have bec/ubec – 5V voltage stabilisators. It can power rx and servos. If you connect esc with stabilisator to rx, it will work without connecting anything else to Your rx.

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