The FPV FunJet V2

Since my last FPV FunJet died a horrible death, I needed another airplane to take its place. Since I loved my old FunJet so much I decided to get another one. Here is a link to the old deceased FunJet build

Ahh I love the smell and feel of fresh Elapor.

quarter wave antenna mounted vertically. I will be placing the video transmitter inside of the wing instead of having it up front with the camera like on the old setup.

The antenna mod makes the transmitter a lot lighter and more compact.

I used a knife and soldering iron to make a well for the video transmitter.

Nice and snug fit.

I used the pre-made trench (made for installing a 35MHz antenna) to install the video TX wires.

Nice and clean.

I added a small weight to the other wing tip to make the it balance properly.

Simple OSD current sensor added in line with the ESC.

Futaba FASST receiver in place.

The wife helped me with the covering layout.

Pretty much done.


Motor: Warp 4 3-turn 2580kV
ESC: Mystery 40A
Battery: 3s Turnigy 25-35C 2200mAh LiPo
Servos: 2 x Hitec HS-65HB
Prop: 6*4
Power: [email protected] – 22000RPm (6*4 prop) – 1000 grams thrust

FPV setup:
Power: Through main battery
Transmitter: 300mW 1.3GHz
Camera: Aiptek Z500 HD camera modified
Lens: f3.6 mm “Stock”
Pan/Tilt: Only pan – 1 multiplex nano-s modified for 180°

The FunJet GoPro Edition
Since the Aiptek Z500+ camera died during a crash, I decided to see if the FunJet could carry the GoPro Hero HD camera.

To get a clean picture and get the CG back, I cut of the nose of the FunJet.

I then removed some material to fit the GoPro inside of the fuselage and be able to pan it 180°.

Looking straight ahead.

To the right.

And to the left.

Lens in the center.

I reenforced the canopy with 1.5mm plywood. I also added magnets to keep the canopy in place during flight.

Two old 3s500 packs had to substitute for the camera during the first test flight.

The FunJet GoPro edition weighs in at 720 grams, which is quite porky. And on top of that, it’s not very aerodynamic any more. But the first flight went good. It needs more speed to stay in the air and it’s not as nice to fly compared to the old FunJet. But it’s good enough to get some high speed shots with.

Now it’s time to test it out in FPV!

You can read about the first, and last FPV flight here

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