Improving EVG920/RVision goggles

I never liked wearing my video goggles. They were uncomfortable and you had to have a t-shirt or something over your head to block out the sun. Well, I wasn’t going to live with that any more! So I went and got myself a pair of ski goggles and started to modify my video goggles.

In this guide I will show you how I modified my EVG920 goggles but the method should not be to difficult to adopt to any brand of video goggles.

I started by removing the rubber pads that cover all the screws

I then unscrewed the screws and using something a small allen wrench I poked the hinge pin out

I then unhooked the connectors

Carefully I pryed the clips that hold the front in place open

The inside revealed.

The main connector wires
Green: Right audio
Brown: Audio Ground
White: Left Audio
Blue: Video Ground
Yellow: Video Signal
Black: Power Ground
Red: Power, about 4.2V

Since I won’t be using any audio I soldered a servo cable to the wires I needed.
Servo cable red -> Red
Servo cable orange -> Yellow
servo cable brown -> Black and blue
I removed the other cables from the connector

I then drilled a hole for the cable and fixated it using hot glue on the inside

I used a dremel to make a hole for the goggles, in the goggles (the ski ones…)

I then glued the goggles in place using epoxy and painted the front black.

I was carefull not to get any black paint on the front of the video goggles as there is a IR reciever underneeth the “glass”

A view from the inside

The googles are now extremly confertable to wear and they block out the sun very well. I’m so glad I finally made this modification.

3 thoughts on “Improving EVG920/RVision goggles

  1. I think this is a wonderful technique! It reminds me about the Oculus Rift VR headset that has not yet been deployed. Have you considered how to integrate the Oculus Rift VR headset when it becomes available?

  2. Hi David i love all the work that you do a flitetest and i have the same video glasses so i tried your mod i have got the glasses to turn on but i have no video signal is there only one video wire? Or a ground aswell?
    Many thanks josh 🙂

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