Drama in the logo competion

Bad news. The logo I named as the winner of the competition turned out to bee very like that of Urbandrones. Therefore I cannot use it, and I’ll have to think whether to name another winner or not, or perhaps hold a new competition. I have yet not decided what to do.

I want to clarify that Fabio, the creator of the logo, has not stolen the idea. He is indeed the creator of the design with the airplane in the logo, something that Urbandrones also says. Unfortunately, there are different opinions between Fabio and Urbandrones as to whether the logo was created for Urbandrones or RCExplorer and whether Fabio or Urbandrones owns the rights to the design. I will not take any side in this conflict, as I can have no idea which of them is telling the truth, or if they have just misunderstood each other and are both telling their truths. Of course, I hope that there has just been a misunderstanding and that they’ll work it out, but for my part, I won’t use the logo.

I’ll get back to you all with my decision on what to do about a new logo now, as soon as I’ve made up my mind.

”Ladies and gentlemen! drumroll please…
With just over 200 excellent entries (estimated a little low last time), It has not been a quick nor easy task to choose the winner.

But after much deliberation, I’m now proud to announce the new logo of RCExplorer! I feel that the new logo is elegant, timeless and clever.
[logo removed]
Congratulations Fabio, you are the winner!

I also like to thank all of you that took the time to enter the competition! I’m very honored. As a thank-you to all of you, I hereby renounce any and all ownership of all the logos that did not win. Thank you all once again.

So what do you think of the new logo?”

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