Beta testing of the forum

forum-quote-iconThe new forum is now up and running! Please keep in mind that it is currently under beta testing.

Hopefully everything works the way it’s supposed to, but you never know…

The forum is running on pretty simple code so don’t expect too much fancy functionality 😉

There is no need to create a new user for the forum, the same login that you use for the site in general will work on the forum as well.

Happy posting!

10 thoughts on “Beta testing of the forum

  1. I seem to have some problems using the forum, whenever i go to the forum page i get logged out automaticly making it impossible to post something. When i go back to another page of the site i’m back logged in. Anyone some advice? i’ve tried logging in and out and used the remember me option.

    • I had the same problem but there is a simple way to make it work 🙂 You have to log on and open the forum in a new tab. It works for me 🙂

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