13 thoughts on “Aerial Grand Prix in Austria

  1. I have been following you for many years but never bother to register until now. I always though all the good staff is so far away but this is getting it relay close to me.

    I wish you would know/post that a little bit sooner 🙂 Well I’ll see what I can do.

  2. Hi David, What is the electronics you use for the Prototype, would like to get it and them when you unveil your mini I just need the frame.

  3. Holy crap, TOO LATE 🙁 Why you didn’t mention it a little sooner, ooohh… I live in Bratislava, you can see the city from Spitzerberg airfiled, it’s up to 5km 🙁

  4. Too late for me too 🙁
    just saw a video of RCSchim about the GP, If I would have known that all my RC-Idols are there I would have driven the 500km.

  5. Sorry for the late post. Had really poor internet connection on my travels.
    I didn’t record any video unfortunately as I was concentrating my efforts on the race 😀
    The new mini tricopter was unfortunately much to quick for the small course.

    I’ll try to announce if I’m going to another event a little longer in advance next time 🙂

    Thank you to all that came out to meet me. It was awesome to shake your hands and hear your stories!

  6. I recently built a ‘Mini’ 280mm Tricopter that was essentially a 1/3 scale of the big one using the ‘vector tilt’ mechanism and 10cm carbon fibre square tube from hobbyking. (2204 motors, six amp Afros, ‘afromini’ Naze, 5g bluebird servo, All the same construction techniques as the big V3. I upgraded it to the latest Tricopter firmware, and it flies beautifully. Leaps tall buildings in a single bound, and goes for 11 minutes. So I’m sure you’ll surprise them all… Little tricopters are _very_ agile. I’ve been meaning to suggest a ‘short arms’ option for the v3 by just halving the arm length, and perhaps a smaller battery tray.

    Looking forward to seeing the new creation.

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