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    First of all: My tricopter is homemade but uses Davids Tricopter body (GFK). Booms are made of 10mm wood, painted black and finished with clear heavy duty paint for wooden floors.
    Landing gear, servo mount, tail mechanismus and cameraholder are 3D printed.


    SunnySky X2212-13 980 kV motors
    AMAX Gold G30AMS 30A 2-4S 600Hz SimonK ESCs
    BlueBird metalgear digital highspeed servo
    Turnigy 10×4.5 props
    KK 2.1.5 Board original firmware
    2x Turnigy 9g servo for PAN and TILT FPV
    FatShark Attitude V2 with headtracking googles
    FatShark 25mA Tx (german law, what should I say…)
    FatShark TVL 600 FPV camera
    Hama Daytour FullHD actioncam
    Turnigy 3S 3000mA 20C, some 2200mA Nano-tec and some old Turnigy 3S 1800mA
    And a looooooooooooot zipties!


    My current (tricopter mini – booms cut to 160mm) setup is:
    Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV Multi-Rotor Motor
    6×3 Gemfan HQ props / 7×3.5″ three blade props.
    20A Afro Slim SimonK ESC’s
    3S 2200mAh 40C Battery
    Flip32+ flight controller
    TGY210 servo
    SkyZone 5.8GHz 200mW video transmitter
    FrSky Taranis Transmitter
    FrSky X8R receiver
    Custom 3D printed parts (tell me if you are interested in the STL files)

    All up weight is 675 grams
    Flies for around 8-9 minutes of hard flying

    Does flips and rolls.

    Stick Scaling: 1.25

    Transmitter EXPO:
    30% on everything but throttle


    Here are my setups

    Bigger tricopter:
    Crius aio running MultiWii 2.3 with gps & 433MHz telemetry
    FrSky D4R
    T-Motor 2216-11 900kv
    HK F20A esc flashed with simonk
    Graupner 9×5
    MinimOSD flashed with KVOSD
    5.8GHz/600mW ImmersionRC
    600TVL fpv cam
    SJ4000 HD cam
    About 1.1kg
    I’m waiting for the next crash to update with my v3 kit.

    Mini tricopter (150mm booms):
    Crius SE running MultiWii 2.3
    FrSky D4R
    SunnySky x2207 2100kv
    5030 rctimer prop (I ordered also 5040, 6030 and 5045 bullnose for testing)
    KISS 18A esc
    5.8GHz/200mW AOMWAY
    700TVL fpv cam
    600gr with a 1300mAh/4S battery
    There is some space to put my mobius on, but not sure I’ll do it.
    Build just finished, so still in tests.
    Both tricopters use same BMS385DMAX servos.


    Sorry, I didn’t seen the max file size upload limit…
    Pic uploaded again.


    Tricopter v3

    KK mini

    960kv multistar

    APC 10×4.7 MR

    3s 3000mAh Zippy Flightmax 20c

    30A Afro ESC’s

    Turnigy Digital servo.

    Immersionrc 600mw/600tvl cam

    Predator v2

    Hero 3 black

    ~10-11min flight time

    Only trouble is with fpv range, get drop outs on both 250 mW and 600mw within 150 meters with Spironets.

    Been to over 800 on my bixler same gear.


    Tricopter V3
    Naze32 Acro
    1100kv T-motor
    Hobbywin Plat pro ESC
    HQ Prop 10×5
    3700mah 3s
    Savox servo
    ImmersionRC 25mw VTX
    MoPro (mobius in a gopro size case)



    Left one:
    stock v3 with Sunnysky v2216-11 kv900 and Graupner 10×5 props.

    Right one:

    Fortis center plates, V3 tilt mech. and motor mounts.
    – Sunnysky v2216-11 kv900 and Graupner 11×5 props
    -Flight time with Turnigy nanotech 4000mah 15-17 min.


    Still building mine.

    Motors: Tiger Motor MT2212-11 (1100kV)
    Props: TBD
    ESC: KISS 18A v1.1
    Flight Controller: The Brain FPV
    Servo: TGY-211DMH (To be replaced when the TGY-211DMH is back in stock)
    Receiver: FrSky V8R4-II
    Battery: ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh 4S 20C

    Still working out some of the other details. I’ll follow up with a post after it’s built.


    Nearing the final assembly of my V3CX (CX standing for Carbon eXpermental. All the G10 parts on the tricopter are now Carbon Fiber on the CX.

    900kV NTM 28-30s
    Bluebird 210DMH
    9×5 Multistar Carbon Props
    Afro 20A ESC
    Zippy 3000mAh 4s
    Orange R620 with Satellite
    Gopro 2 with SkyZone 5.8CHz 600mW TS832
    KK2 mini running Stevis


    KK2.1 / D28-30 1000kV / Afro 30A / 380MG servo / 1045 prop
    About 825g with 2200 3s.
    More simple beginner than advanced sleek to keep everything more accessible for now.


    I love the food container to protect the flight controller. Good job.


    After several months on and off, I have finally finished my version of the Tricopter V3.

    Frame is cut out, from a 1,5mm sheet of carbon. The arms are the cheap tubes from HK (will be replaced with wowen when they break)

    Motors: 750Kv
    Batt: 4S 4000mAh
    Props: 10×4.5

    Frame weight: 675gr
    Total weight: 1124gr.

    Maiden Flight:


    Hello GAntonjo,
    thank you very much for your highly recommendable part list beeing hyperlinked – great !!!
    Sincerely yours


    I finally finished my Tricopter V3 in a way I’m happy with. I will of course continue to make improvements but for now I’m proud of it.

    900kv NTM 28-30s Motors
    9×5 HQ E-prop
    30A SimonK ESC’s
    Green & White LED Srips
    Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch (for LED’s)
    Turnigy 4s 3000mAh 20C LiPo
    KK2 mini board
    TGY210 Servo
    5.8GHz 200mW Video Tx from Ebay
    GoPro Hero 2
    Spektrum A610 Rx

    I’m using David’s recommended KK2 settings and they are working pretty good. I have’t gotten a chance to try FPV or fly much at all with the worst winter ever here in New England.


    Hey LarsA

    May I ask how long you get out of that Lipo with the 750Kv motors.

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